Travis Pike

Every New Gun Owner Should Watch These 5 Short Videos!

YouTube has thousands of training videos — some good, some, well, not so much — that new gun owners can watch and begin to learn the basics. There are also plenty of at-home drills (featuring lots and lots of dry fire practice) to start learning the basics of safe gun handling, the proper grip, and good trigger finger position. Here are […]

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European Man 3D Printing FREEDOM SEED DISPENSERS!!!

The video itself is a long watch but its pretty awesome to see Europeans fighting back against the Draconian gun control laws. One man does this by printing his own weapons and spreading the word to his fellow gun enthusiasts! According to Popular Front Plastic Defence is a documentary about illegal 3D printed firearms in […]

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Are Machine Guns Really a Good Investment?

Are Machine Guns a Good Investment Opportunity? As many of you know, the gun industry is up in some cases over 300% from 2019 and just set an all time record for gun sales in 2020 and it is only October.  Ammunition is scarce due to deman and a primer shortage and some gun parts […]

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Russian Man Takes A Killer Grenade Selfie…*Graphic*

You cant fix stupid. However sometimes you can standby and let nature take its course. According to the Russian News sit eНОВОСТИ 24 A Russian man died after posing for a picture with a hand grenade and decided to go a step further and remove the pin. Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik was killed after taking pictures […]

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Daddy Trump Suggests More Gun Control. *Video*

Here we go…AGAIN. What part of Shall not be infringed do you not understand Mr President. Pursuing a guncontrol will only ensure that you will lose many of those who voted for you. (We are in no way shape or form saying to vote the Dems/liberals in. But have you considered MATTIS 2020!?!? We would’ve […]

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Join the 10.3″ Master Race, Build a MK18

Step with me into the wormhole that is MK18 Clone and Clone Inspired Rifle or Pistol Building. These clone inspired builds include CQBRs (Close Quarters Battle Receiver) Block 1 and Block 2, MK18s Mod 0 and Mod 1, or the URG-I (Upper Receiver Group Improved) that was just introduced to the United States of America […]

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Well its happened. Someone bugged the ATF so much that they went back and rescinded the prior methods to measure a firearms overall length! More specifically a pistol fitted with a brace and folding mechanism. This is a question that has been asked time and time, over and over again.  In an earlier article we […]

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AR15s more powerful than Handguns; CBS NEWS.

Faster than the speed of stupid Captain Obvious strikes again. Who is this masked moniker of already widely known common knowledge? Its CBS NEWS of course! This comes out shortly after they did a 60 minutes segment on the AR15 rifle in which they let everyone know that a rifle is more powerful than a […]

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Russia’s “1911” Finally Replaced!

I would imagine if theres Russian fudds they are losing their minds right now probably screaming, “If you cant do it with 9 rounds you shouldn’t have a gun” or something similar. But you cant tell us that the Makarov isnt Russias equivalent of the 1911 in that respect its old as hell and been […]

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In soviet Russia Drone Shoots You! *Video*

Ok so its not Russian but with the increased popularity of drones everyone has become concerned with their privacy and as a result many companies has spent millions on finding ways of shooting them out of the air. Defend Tex However, is doing the exact opposite. They are developing a drone with a 40mm surprise […]

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