Boy Scouts Plan To “Boost Inclusion”- Set To Change Name

The name change will come into effect officially on the group’s 115th birthday, comes amid flagging membership numbers and following bankruptcy! VOA reports- The Boy Scouts of America announced Tuesday it will change its name to Scouting America as it struggles to recover from a sexual abuse scandal involving its adult scout leaders. The organization […]

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Tragedy Strikes High School: Student Stabbed to Death in Deadly Brawl!

Following a violent altercation on campus on Monday that left one student dead and another hospitalized, Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School is in shock. In the school’s gymnasium, a brawl broke out at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday, leading to a fatal stabbing, according to News 13. A school resource officer reported that a student […]

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BREAKING NEWS: ATF Arm Brace Rule Announced

  Breaking News! The ATF has announced their final rule on the use of pistol stabilizing braces. Basically, you can’t. What we love most about the ATF’s scare quotes is their assiduous use of scare quotes around the term “stabilizing braces” to let us know these things are really stocks.   As expected the ATF […]

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Zero Bail Group Closes Doors After Being Sued For Paying Bail Of Felon Who Shot a Man 11 Times…

Since George Floyd’s murder and the summer of riots, burning, looting, and homicides in 2020, zero bail advocacy and laws removing bail restrictions have proliferated in towns and states across the nation. Because it criminalizes poverty and violates the rule that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, bail is seen as racist and classist. Then-future […]

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Woman Arrested For Stealing Man’s $12,000 Watch And Stashing It In Her….

 A woman in Las Vegas has been arrested after police allege that she had stolen a $12,000 Rolex watch. Her theft was discovered after a metal detector went off indicating it had been stashed inside her vaginal cavity. #News: Sarah Richards Arrested For Stealing Man’s Rolex Watch in Vegas And Hid It In Her Private Area […]

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Texas Man Learns How To Lose His Gun 🔫 in a Fight & How To Catch A Felony 🚓 Case Too!

Pro-tip: a gun isn’t a magic talisman. A Texas man learned that the hard way when he pulled his pistol while fighting with another man in an apartment complex parking lot. Instead of retreating to safety, the armed man drew his gun while advancing on his unarmed opponent. He thought the gun would give him […]

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Here’s Why You Should Never Try to Catch a Dropped Gun!

For a good example of the hazards involved in trying to catch a falling firearm, let’s go to…a Walmart in an Atlanta suburb. From . . . A man is in Clayton County Jail after police said he triggered a bizarre sequence of events. When it ended, he had accidentally shot himself, along with three other […]

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Did You Know That Gavin Newsom Signed 10 New Gun Control Bills In July?

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has signed ten new gun control bills this month. It’s no secret that Newsom is trying to position himself to step in if Biden doesn’t run in 2024. He is trying to show Democrats that he will do the things that will please them. Newsmax reports: This month alone,” the Times […]

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FBI Raids Trump’s Home 🏠

If you want any proof in this world that there is nothing sacred anymore, look at the way that the Democrats have treated Donald Trump for the past number of years. If he quite literally farted the wrong way they would want to prosecute him on it. If Trump cured cancer and Aids tomorrow morning […]

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Employee Sold $8,000 Worth of Arkansas Armory Ammunition to Unassuming Co-Workers

According to Newsweek The Arkansas Legislative Audit has found that an employee with the state’s Division of Correction’s Central Armory had taken tens of thousands of revolver rounds and sold them. At a regular budget hearing Wednesday, audit staff member Don Morgan revealed the results of the 2020 audit, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. According to an Internal […]

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