Woman Arrested For Stealing Man’s $12,000 Watch And Stashing It In Her….

 woman in Las Vegas has been arrested after police allege that she had stolen a $12,000 Rolex watch. Her theft was discovered after a metal detector went off indicating it had been stashed inside her vaginal cavity.

The 33-year-old Sarah Richards recently traveled to Las Vegas to testify in court after being charged with drugging a guy and stealing his $100,000 watch. Police claim that when she was in town, she attempted to steal an expensive item from an unwitting victim once more.

The unnamed victim and Richards allegedly met in a hotel casino and then chose to go up to his room, according to officers with the Las Vegas Police Department. Police claim Richards drugged the man at some time while he was in the hotel room, causing him to pass out. When he awoke hours later, he discovered his $12,000 Rolex watch and other belongings had been stolen.

The victim immediately contacted the Aria hotel’s security, who then called the police. The victim told police that when they were in his hotel room, Richards started pressing him to take off his watch so that it wouldn’t cut her while they were hugging.

Eventually, the victim gave in, hid the pricey watch under a pillow, and started drinking wine after Richards allegedly insisted repeatedly that he do so. When the victim discovered his watch was stolen, Richards allegedly “got into a panic” and fled when he was approached by the victim.

Following Richards, the victim alerted security, who held her until police could arrive and start an investigation. Officers responded to the scene and tried to retrieve the man’s lost watch, but they were unsuccessful until they decided to use a metal detector on her.

When authorities swept the wand over her genitalia, they noticed that it kept alerting them to the metal being concealed. According to the arrest report:

“[Richards] said she didn’t want to deal with the hassle because we were going to find it at the jail anyhow.”

Richards is said to have then told the police that although she did own the stolen Rolex, it was not kept in a typical location. Richards is accused of telling police that she hid the watch in her vagina.

The watch was found by the police, probably when Richards reportedly took it off for herself. According to police accounts, the watch was given back to the victim after being put in a biohazard bag.

The location of where Richards allegedly drugged her victim was searched by investigators. Detectives allegedly found a purple capsule with a small amount of medication inside, as well as a glass with a white powdery material inside the room.

Richards was detained and accused with grand theft as well as utilizing a narcotic to facilitate the crime. Only a few months have passed since Richards’ accusation of a related crime.