Failed Trump shooter’s Parents Declared Him MISSING Hours Before Shooting!

Thomas Matthew Crooks’ parents contacted law enforcement Saturday hours before he opened fire on former President Trump at a Pennsylvania campaign rally, a source told Fox News. Fox Continues The aspiring assassin’s mother and father told local police that Crooks was missing and that they were concerned about his welfare, the source said. It remained […]

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Failed Trump Shooter ID’d, & It’s As Weird As You Think

The FBI said the shooter, who is dead, was identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. A motive was not clear. MSN reports The gunman was immediately “neutralized” by the Secret Service, chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi said. Crooks used a semi-automatic rifle, three senior U.S. law enforcement officials said, based on […]

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Thermite Is Drone Bombers’ New Favorite Weapon In Ukraine Conflict

A new type of drone weapon is starting to make its mark in the Ukraine conflict, a munition well suited to the unique capabilities of small drones. Forbs Reports A recent video from Ukrainian drone fundraiser Serhii Sternenko shows an attack by a ‘special drone’ on a house used by Russian troops. At first two […]

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Guess Where 16 suspected terrorists Were Arrested Across the US

Alarm bells are ringing NY post Writes As of June 26, Department of Homeland Security identified 400 migrants who have been smuggled into the United States via networks affiliated with the Islamic terror group ISIS. The government department admitted the whereabouts of 50 of those people was still unknown. As of June 20 this year […]

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Vista rejects last-ditch offer from U.S. investors, solidifies deal with Czech firm

Vista Outdoor rejects MNC’s buyout offer, agrees to CSG’s sweetened bid for unit The AmmoGeddon is coming, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Reuters writes Vista Outdoor (VSTO.N), opens new tab on Monday rejected investment firm MNC Capital’s final buyout offer of $3.2 billion, citing that it undervalued the company, and said it had agreed […]

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Conservative Victories in November May Hinge on Hunters and Gun Owners

A detailed analysis of the data reveals a significant gap in voter registration among gun owners in the pivotal states for the 2024 election. Ny post writes More than 10 million hunters and gun owners are not registered to vote in America, according to a new grassroots voter registration group firing warning shots at the […]

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Ammo Vending Machines In Alabama Grocery Stores? Yes It’s True

No this isn’t some joke, and it isn’t a Video Game, though I do remember buying my ammo from the Robo Tron in Fallout New Vegas about the same way. Vending machines dispense ammunition at two Alabama grocery stores: How they work AL News writes Two grocery stores in Alabama currently have an automated vending […]

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Biden Pardons Service Members Convicted Under Gay Sex Ban

It’s Ok To be Ghey In This Navaaaayyyy President Joe Biden pardoned potentially thousands of former U.S. service members convicted of violating a now-repealed military ban on consensual gay sex, saying Wednesday that he is “righting an historic wrong” to clear the way for them to regain lost benefits. News Break Reports Biden’s action grants […]

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Lauren Boebert Might Loose Her Guns!

An activist group is demanding that Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert have her guns taken away pending an investigation they requested over allegations of illegal drug use. NewsWeek Reports The American Muckrakers PAC, a watchdog organization focused on “holding elected officials accountable,” submitted a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and […]

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STL K9 Officer Dies Under Suspicions Circumstances

The Savannah (Missouri) Police Department confirmed on Monday that one of its K-9 officers died last Thursday after being left in a hot car overnight. WDAF Reports According to Savannah Chief of Police David Vincent, K-9 Officer Horus died after completing his overnight patrol shift in the small town where he had served for over three […]

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