Russians Doing Crazy Sh*t Part II!

Kris aka FDE | November 19, 2019 |

Remember the video of the Russian Sof guys shooting each-other awhile back? Well, they put out another. I guess just in case we forgot they were crazy and not scared to die. These are the same guys that believe the only way to effectively kill a terrorist is with a backflip hatchet toss. However, in […]

4 dead 6 injured in ‘Targeted’ Fresno Shooting!

Kris aka FDE | |

4 people were killed at a family gathering in Fresno California another 6 were injured in a targeted shooting. Lt. Dooley said 8-9 victims possible in what he described as mass casualty shooting — Larry Valenzuela (@larryvalwork) November 18, 2019 FoxNews reports that police are on the hunt Monday for at least two pistol-wielding […]

Accident Victim Attacks FireFighters For Taking Too Long!

Kris aka FDE | November 18, 2019 |

A man attacked fire fighters for taking ‘too long’ to put out his burning car in St Louis. After he threw a punch one of the Firefighters was able to subdue the suspect until police arrived and arrested him. The firefighters are not pressing charges but do want him to get some help. KMOV Reports […]

UPDATE: Good Guy With A Gun Stopped Walmart Shooter!

Kris aka FDE | |

UPDATE:  The DailyMail writes that the gunman shot and killed a man and a woman in a Walmart parking lot in Oklahoma before turning the gun on himself when an armed citizen intervened. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a man wearing all black opened fire outside the super center in Duncan, which is located at […]

*WATCH* 2,158 Yard Shot Sets New ELR World Record

Kris aka FDE | November 17, 2019 |

Randy Wise’ record breaking 2158 yard sets a new ELR World Record! SSUSA Reports that Randy Wise set a new ELR Central World Record at a mind-blowing distance of 2,158-yards during the 2019 NRA Extreme Long-Range Nationals, held at Camp Atterbury, IN, on Friday, August 23. From a cold bore, he went three for three shooting at […]

Teen Killed Attempting To Rob Convenience Store With BB Gun

Kris aka FDE | November 15, 2019 |

A teen was shot by police after attempting to rob a convenience store with a BB Gun. The officers rendered first aid until paramedics arrived but the teen was pronounced dead at the scene Press telegram reports that the detectives had been tracking a dark Nissan Maxima believed to have been involved in other recent […]

Unarmed Protestor Shot In Chest By Hong Kong Police! *Graphic*

Kris aka FDE | |

The situation in Hong Kong is getting worse. Several people have been shot by the police since we last reported the first victim on September 29. Unlike Antifa who constantly pushes a socialists agenda and constantly attacks people who believe in the freedoms we hold dear the protesters of Hong Kong are fighting to preserve […]

Father and 8 yr old Son Hit By Gangs BMW

Kris aka FDE | |

A father and his 8 year old son were struck by a BMW driven by members of a rival gang in Harlem. The suspects fleed the scene and the victims were transported to the hospiteal with non life threatening injuries. FoxNews Reports that the attack, which police believe was deliberate and directed at the father, […]

Who would win? Anti Military YouTuber or a Drill sergeant?

Kris aka FDE | |

This isn’t even a discussion its obviously the YouTuber… if hell has froze over, Hilary was the president, and pigs are flying.  But here in reality this idiot gets torn to absolute pieces and it is absolutely epic. “…Thank me for my service” Yes. The anti-military youtuber Onision actually said this. The self entitled prick […]

Father and Son Triggered By Hunters Kill!

Kris aka FDE | November 14, 2019 |

Wow… great role models right here. That was said completely in sarcasm. A father and son berated a hunter in his own neighborhood after he was returning home from a hunt allegedly because the deer was upsetting the children. According to the Tribunist the incident took place on October 20, outside a neighborhood in New […]