SCOTUS in Favor of Catholic Diocese and Orthodox Jews’ to Block Cuomo’s Attendance Limits for Church

Thomas K | November 26, 2020 |

According to The Gateway Pundit The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Catholic Diocese and Orthodox Jews who were seeking to block New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s authoritarian attendance limits on houses of worship. On Wednesday evening, the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 in favor of religious freedom, with Chief Justice John […]

Ohio Court Strikes Down Cincinnati’s Bump Stock Ban

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles Cincinnati’s ban on “trigger activators” like bump stocks, originally approved by city officials in April of 2018, is unconstitutional according to the state’s First Appellate Court. The decision, handed down on Wednesday, is a blow to anti-gun activists in the Buckeye State who cheered when the mayor signed the ordinance making […]

Florida man loses pants, boxers in wild Wawa fight- Video

Thomas K | November 25, 2020 |

According to Fox news This fight was anything but briefs. A droopy-drawered pugilist didn’t let losing his pants stop him from wrestling his adversary in a minutes-long caught-on-camera gas-station brawl. Video shot in a Wawa in — where else? — Florida shows the bedraggled boxer with his sweatpants around his ankles wailing on his rival in […]

Are Virginia Dems Playing Political Games With Lobby Day?

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles You may remember the massive turnout by gun owners in Richmond, Virginia back in January of this year, when tens of thousands of folks surrounded the state Capitol and filled the downtown streets for the annual Lobby Day rally organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. I was honored to be […]

NEW LAWSUIT Filed in State of Georgia By Trump Legal Team Affects Thousands Of Illegal Votes

Thomas K | |

According to The Gateway Pundit NEW LAWSUIT IN GEORGIA HAS BEEN FILED🚨 The expert analysis of government data showing that the total number of illegal votes counted and legal votes not counted is greater than 200,000 — vastly exceeding the 12,670-vote margin in the presidential election contest. — Phillip Kline (@PhillDKline) November 25, 2020 The […]

Gun Grabbers New Priority- “Local Control”

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles With the growing likelihood of congressional deadlock for the next couple of years, gun control activists are going to be focusing a lot of their efforts on state-level gun laws, and one of their top priorities in the next legislative session in many states will be an attempt to empower local […]

ATF Accuses SB Tactical of False Advertising

Thomas K | |

According to Ammo Land ( AmmoLand News and other news organizations have received the document (embedded below) as part of an FOIA request recently submitted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) after the Agency’s recent Honey Badger pistol brace fiasco. The ATF turned over the document that alleged the popular pistol brace company […]

Lin Wood Announces Sidney Powell Will File Major Lawsuit in Georgia Tomorrow!

Thomas K | November 24, 2020 |

According to The Gateway Pundit Lin Wood, just released this tweet moments ago stating: I have worked closely with @SidneyPowell1 & others over recent weeks. The lawsuit Sidney will be filing tomorrow in GA speaks TRUTH. Enemies of America will deny its allegations. Do NOT believe them. Believe Sidney & me. We love America & […]

Media Warns of “Battle” Over Gun Control In Texas

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles The state of Texas was going to be another Virginia. Anti-gunners were convinced they could flip the state blue just like they had in the Old Dominion State. They were convinced they could throw enough money to turn the state into a Democratic stronghold. Well…that failed miserably. However, it’s baffling how […]

SCOTUS Accepts Case Dealing With Warrantless Gun Seizures

Thomas K | |

According to Firearm Chronicles It’s not a case that specifically deals with the right to keep and bear arms, but the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the seizure of a Rhode Island man’s lawfully owned firearms by police back in 2015. The case, known as Caniglia v. Strom, could serve as […]

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