US Ammo Business Sale Could Hit Antitrust Snag

The controversial takeover of a leading U.S. ammunition business by a Czech conglomerate might hit a new hurdle: the Justice Department’s antitrust lawyers. Politico Continues The Czechoslovak Group’s purchase of Vista Outdoor’s ammunition business, first announced last October, has been under a lengthy national security review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., […]

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California Gun and Ammo Tax – What You Need To Know

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed several new California gun control laws — one doubles the tax on guns and ammunition purchased in the state. This goes into effect 7/1/24 This tax is on top of existing federal taxes. (Depending on the gun type, the federal tax is either 10% or 11%.) There are some exceptions […]

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Hezbollah on ‘Brink’ of All-Out War

Hezbollah is the ‘crown jewel’ of Iran’s terror empire, Israel says, Israeli officials warned that the country is on the “brink” of a full-scale war with Hezbollah if the terrorist group continues to increase its aggression in northern Israel. Fox New Writes The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) made the warning on Sunday, just a day […]

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Supreme Court is readying to ‘fundamentally rewrite’ Second Amendment

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said Sunday the Supreme Court is “readying to fundamentally rewrite the Second Amendment” after striking down a federal ban on bump stocks.  Recent gun-related rulings from the high court, Murphy told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” signal it is prepared to “take away permanently the ability of Congress […]

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Former CIA Chief Says, U.S. Faces “Serious Threat” of Terror Attack

U.S. faces “serious threat” of terror attack, expert and former CIA chief warn Alarmed by repeated warnings from top FBI and military officials, a former acting CIA director and a legendary foreign policy thinker write bluntly in Foreign Affairs: “The United States faces a serious threat of a terrorist attack in the months ahead.” Axios […]

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Terrorism Warning Lights In The US

From his confirmation hearing to become director of Central Intelligence in May 1997 until September 11, 2001, George Tenet was sounding an alarm about Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. In those four years before al Qaeda operatives attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Tenet testified publicly no fewer than ten times about […]

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US widens sanctions on Russia

US widens sanctions on Russia to discourage countries such as China from doing business with Moscow AP New Reports The United States widened its sanctions against Russia Wednesday as G7 leaders prepared to gather in Italy for a summit where the top priorities will be boosting support for Ukraine and grinding down Russia’s war machine. […]

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Taiwan Nitrocellulose Export Restrictions To Russia Tighten!

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is to expand the scope of restrictions on exports to Russia and Belarus by adding nitrocellulose to its list of controlled items, effective from Friday next week. TAIPEI Times Reports Nitrocellulose, a highly flammable thermoplastic resin, is an essential component in smokeless gunpowder and ammunition propellant. It has already been […]

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‘Pro-Nazi’ Azov Brigade Use American Weapons With Biden’s Blessings

The State Department announced on Monday that Ukraine’s Azov Brigade, which has a long history of association with Nazi socialism, will be allowed to receive American weapons and training. Russia immediately denounced the U.S. for supporting Ukrainian “ultra-nationalists” and “neo-Nazis.” BreitBart Writes “After thorough review, Ukraine’s 12th Special Forces Azov Brigade passed Leahy vetting as […]

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Hunter Biden Guilty On All 3 Gun Charges

A Delaware jury on Tuesday found Hunter Biden guilty on all three gun charges after only several hours of deliberating. Breitbart Reports: The historic verdict of the president’s son reflects Hunter’s high stakes gamble to go to trial instead of accepting a revised plea deal proposed in the summer of 2023. Hunter faces up to 25 years in prison […]

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