Demi Lovato Serenades ‘Ghost’ Who Faced Trauma from Sexism…

According to NDTV The video shows Demi Lovato in a room, as her colleagues, Matthew Scott and Chris Smith, a paranormal investigator, stand by the door It was shot during their visit to the Vulture City, in Arizona, United States, where the trio set up an EMF device, according to Ladbible. The singer talks to the spirit, known as Carmen, who […]

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Boy Scout Chaperone Caught placing Hidden cameras in Bathrooms

According to Fox 2 Camp Gamble is part of the S-Bar-F Scout Ranch in St. Francois County, about 80 miles south of St. Louis. It draws thousands of boys and girls every year. Fox 2 News has learned that concerns about the suspect may extend far beyond our area. Excitement for scouts builds along the drive […]

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Florida man accused of kidnapping woman, forcing her to join OnlyFans

According to yahoo news A Clearwater man is accused of attacking a woman to try to get her to start an account on the sexually explicit site A Florida man is facing several charges after he reportedly kidnapped and assaulted a woman then threatened her with more physical violence unless she created an OnlyFans account. […]

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Hentai Army Recruitment Video

According to Fox News The U.S. Army has released a new animated video featuring the story of a current Army corporal with two moms who got married after one of them survived a severe car accident. The May 4 video comes as part of the Army’s new recruitment campaign, “The Calling,” that tells the diverse stories of five different […]

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Houston Police Officer Pulls Gun on Tiger just for Being a Tiger “Walking Down the Street”

First Systemic Racism and now Systemic Speciesism in Law Enforcement.  Eyewitness videos show horrified residents scrambling for cover after a law enforcement officer pulls his handgun on a Tiger just for being a Tiger in public. The Tiger was minding his own business when this obviously trigger happy racist cop drew down on him saying […]

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Antifa Targets Restaurant Owner Draws “Pocket” Pistol on Protesters

According to The Gateway Pundit BLM and/or Antifa goons targeted an upscale restaurant in Louisville restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky this evening. The patrons were having none of it as they faced the mob and taunted them like, ‘Come on, Let’s go!” The man in the blue shirt looks like he just pulled a pistol out […]

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50 Cal Blows up and Almost Kills Influencer

A Influencers barrett exploded in this face on April 9th and almost ended his life. While shooting slap rounds one of the rounds went in “to hot” and created a immense amount of pressure that exited the rear of the 50 sending the cap into Scott’s eye and shrapnel into his neck slicing his jugular […]

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16-Year-Old Arrested After Beating Police Dog to Death

According to People A 16-year-old robbery suspect has been arrested after allegedly beating a police dog to death during a foot chase in Texas. On Monday around 2:39 a.m. local time, officers from the Mesquite Police Department were dispatched to assist the Balch Springs Police Department in pursuing multiple robbery suspects in a car, according to […]

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Dragging Young Child From Store By Her Hoodie Because Her Mask Was ‘Below Her Nose’ (Video)

According to The Gateway Pundit A video is currently going viral that appears to be of a security guard dragging a young girl by her hoodie out of a store because her mask was below her nose. The incident is said to have taken place at a Salvation Army store in Philadelphia and was posted […]

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ALERT: Liberals Are OFFICIALLY Making America A Communist State!

Liberals continue to out-do themselves with each passing day that Democrat President Joe Biden is now in power. They are now looking to make the District of Columbia a state, and they are dressing it up as a ploy where they think that the area’s 712,000 residents should have representation, instead of being in the […]

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