ALERT: Liberals Are OFFICIALLY Making America A Communist State!

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Liberals continue to out-do themselves with each passing day that Democrat President Joe Biden is now in power. They are now looking to make the District of Columbia a state, and they are dressing it up as a ploy where they think that the area’s 712,000 residents should have representation, instead of being in the unique they have been in for the past 200 years. However, make no mistake about it, this is nothing more than a Democratic power grab. Here are some reasons why this would be disastrous and it would open the door to America becoming a communist state! Indeed, there are several reasons why this would be a terrible idea and a threat to our Democracy:

It opens up a serious can of worms.

While Democrats will argue that this has everything to do with giving the residents of the District of Columbia, this isn’t anything close to that truth at all. According to Utah GOP representative Chris Stewart, this is nothing more than a power grab. First, he noted that Democrats wouldn’t back the bill if the District of Columbia were a reliably Republican area. He also noted that the residents of D.C. had voted Democrat at a 92% rate in the last presidential election. “This is about politics,” the congressman told a local news radio program. “This is simply about getting two solid Democrat members of the Senate so that they have a clear voting majority. This is about allowing them to pack the Supreme Court. This is about them being able to vote in ridiculous, hideously expensive and job-killing projects such as the Green Deal. This is about allowing a whole entire bunch of incredibly progressive legislation, and allowing them the ability to pack the Supreme Court.” What the congressman said is true, folks. No, it may not happen overnight, but soon enough all of our liberties would be ruined because of allowing a localized area to become a state.

It’s not the what the Founding Fathers had in mind at all.

Simply put, folks, the Founding Fathers never wanted the District of Columbia to become a state. They wanted an area that would remain autonomous and completely free from the influence from states and from the federal government. Indeed, even the total RINO Mitt Romney is not in favor of making D.C. a state. Instead, he is offering a compromise: “My own view on the issue is that we should simply maintain the system that we already have and not try to pack the Senate just like the Democrats are trying to pack the Supreme Court.” Of course, he supports making the district part of a contiguous and allowing them to vote with that state, and that has its own set of problems, but still, he is not in support of D.C. statehood.

It’s too expensive.

Again, this is yet another liberal project that is very, very expensive. Those who oppose statehood have the very adroit argument that it would beset the city with a price tag in the billions of dollars if they were responsible for running all of the prisons, courts, and everything else all themselves. Indeed, in 2016, running D.C.’s court system alone cost the federal government a cool $274 million. Do you really think it’s wise to make such a small area foot the bill themselves?

The final reason: it’s unconstitutional.

D.C. statehood goes against everything that the constitution stands for. First of all, the original state to cede this land was Maryland, and the state still hasn’t said whether they would be willing to allow that land to become a state. Additionally, this would lead to overrepresentation, and it would mean that the Twenty-Third Amendment would have to be repealed. People living in an immensely tiny district would get three electoral college votes, and that is tremendously unfair.

We must never allow this to succeed, so by all means, you should call your senator or congressman right away and let him or her know that you adamantly oppose this measure. All you have to do is Google their information to find their contact numbers.



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