In soviet Russia Drone Shoots You! *Video*

Ok so its not Russian but with the increased popularity of drones everyone has become concerned with their privacy and as a result many companies has spent millions on finding ways of shooting them out of the air. Defend Tex However, is doing the exact opposite. They are developing a drone with a 40mm surprise […]

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After New Zealands Sweeping Gun Ban Only 530 Firearms Turned In!

Since the shooting in New Zealand only a small handful of an estimated 1.2 MILLION firearms has been turned in. How small you might ask? According to the 2017 Small Arms Survey New Zealand has an estimated 1.2 million guns registered to civilians. Of that 1.2 million it is Estimated that around 300,000 are now […]

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FNS pistols Could have Fatal Flaw!

It looks like the FNS family of pistols in 9mm and .40 s&w will inadvertently fire if certain conditions are met and so far two organizations are replacing the pistols. FN has remedied the problem though they claim that the conditions were unique to the lab and high unlikely to happen outside that environment. According […]

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Be Careful What You WISH for! NFA Items ONLINE!

Well I’m pretty sure I flagged my computer to bring you this article so before the ATF kicks down my door I have sent the doggo away for the week to avoid the slotting! Apparently you can buy A LOT of illegal shit on wish. What illegal shit you might ask? Well for starters, How […]

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Manufacturer of the Hudson H9 Bankrupt! Now what?

We’re not sure how this one flew under our radar as the Hudson H9 was a pretty popular handgun last year at shotshot! However this year they were no where to be found. The reason? The Makers of the widely praised Hudson H9 have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy! This comes shortly after a lawsuit […]

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Death of level IIIA Body Armor part 2!!! *Vid

Update: You asked we listened. We got our hands on some IIIa hard plates and some rifle rated plates as well! You can see part two below! In an earlier article we discussed one company that was engineering a bullet specifically to defeat level IIIa. The bullet Utilized obscure alloys and careful geometry to keep […]

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Carl Gustaf Meet Aimpoint!

Aimpoint has just been awarded a contract by the U.S. Military for the primary Fire Control on the new M3-E1 MAAWS lightweight 84mm Carl Gustaf.   Aimpoint US Army FCS13-RE M03152 Aimpoint, has been awarded a USD 24 million firm, fixed-price contract for supply of the Aimpoint® FCS13-RE Fire Control System to the U.S. military. The system […]

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High Explosive Ammunition is Washing Up In Washington State!

Alot of odd things seem to wash up on beaches across the country from weird unknown animal carcasses, thousands of pounds of drugs, or if you lucky bails of neatly wrapped bills. Granted in most cases if you find any of these things you do not get to keep them. Well, Washington state had a […]

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Hanson makes 10.3″ Gov. profile barrels for clone inspired builds!

Its no secret that everyone is trying to live that 10.3 inch life and bld clone or clone inspired CQBRs (Close Quarters Battle Receiver) or MK18s. Not everyone wants to spend upwards of $500 on Daniel Defense or colt Hammer forged barrels. To meet the demand and solve this problem Clint Hanson from Ballistic Advantage […]

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The first-ever bump stock prototype photos have been released!

Air Force Veteran and inventor of the bump-stock sent us photos of the first ever prototype of the bump-fire stock. Its really amazing to see how it transitioned from a simple concept comprised of wood, pvc and duct tape to the finished product that we are sure that many of you have enjoyed up until […]

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