In soviet Russia Drone Shoots You! *Video*

Ok so its not Russian but with the increased popularity of drones everyone has become concerned with their privacy and as a result many companies has spent millions on finding ways of shooting them out of the air. Defend Tex However, is doing the exact opposite. They are developing a drone with a 40mm surprise attached to it. While attack drones are nothing new this is an interesting concept.

According to SoldierSystems the Drone-40 is made by DefendTex, it is a low-cost, programmable 40 mm munition, providing kinetic or ISR options.

The round is fired from the launcher in order to get it aloft. To attain flight mode, it deploys four helicopter-style rotors to stabilize, move, and provide lift for loiter.

It offers 12 minutes of flight time and/or 20 minutes of loiter time. Cruising speed is 20 m/s and range at optimum speed is in excess of 10km.

Payloads include camera, anti-armor, fuel-air, HE/frag, diversionary, smoke, counter-UAS,

With these mixed of payload types, Drone-40 can….


(Army photo by SFC Teddy Wade, Army Materiel Command )">