The first-ever bump stock prototype photos have been released!

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Air Force Veteran and inventor of the bump-stock sent us photos of the first ever prototype of the bump-fire stock. Its really amazing to see how it transitioned from a simple concept comprised of wood, pvc and duct tape to the finished product that we are sure that many of you have enjoyed up until the Trump administration’s move to ban the sale and possession of bump-stocks by march. Luckily several organizations are fighting this infringement on the 2nd amendment filing lawsuits and seeking injunctions on this ban.

Yes. Even this simple prototype would be labeled a machine gun after the ban is enacted. Let that sink in. A piece of wood, tape and pvc according to the ATF is now a machine gun. Why is this important?

Well, if they can just go back and re-write laws and make new decisions on NON-FIREARM items that were previously deemed legal imagine the other non firearm parts they will now be able to go after! Your triggers, Your braces, suddenly your ar pistol is a SBR machine gun with stroke of a pen based on some snowflakes feelings.

If you don’t surrender or destroy your lets say $1500 investment you are now a felon and subject to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $250,000.

Quit just sharing shit on facebook and actively get involved! Contact your state representatives or shit like this will keep happening. Pick up the phone, Send a letter, go vote. It is up to you to prevent more attacks on our 2A rights. This is what starts that slippery slope. After they ban bump-stocks what are they going to come after next? Will it be your competition triggers? Your pistol braces? This ban will open Pandora’s box and will make the attack on our 2nd amendment rights worse than it is now.

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