BREAKING: Active Shooter In DC!

According to tessaron_news on instagram reporters on the ground saying 2 injured as well as Secret Service involvement, but no current threat to them or protectees. Reports of automatic gunfire as well as SWAT, ATF and D.C. metro police presence at apartment building at intersection of Van Ness and Connecticut NW ave in DC. This […]

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Increase Your Rate Of Fire with The GatCrank!

Wanna shoot full auto!? Sounds fun right? There’s nothing like a fun day at the range sending freedom seeds down range at a cyclic rate!   Well, just go to the local Class III FFL with an SOT and buy yourself one. oh wait… the cheapest full auto is around 7 or 8 thousand dollars […]

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BREAKING!!!!! President Stumblina Is COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!

You read that right. In an article just released from fox news only minutes ago President Biden is considering executive action on gun control in the wake of yesterdays mass shooting according to Press Secretary Circle Back. According to FoxNews Psaki did not specify what action Biden might take. “We are considering a range of […]

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According to a post from atlas news on instagram (Warning Graphic) UPDATE: A woman was shot in either the chest or neck by authorities when crowds of Trump supporters were attempting to breach the Chamber inside the Capitol building. He status is unclear, but reports suggest she is in critical condition.     View this […]

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BREAKING! Guns Drawn, Shots Fired! Capitol Building on lockdown, Breached by Protestors!

Shits getting real, real quick! According to FoxNews Congress on Wednesday met to certify the Electoral College vote, but was forced to go into lockdown as the Capitol Building was hit by violence from protesters and reports of suspicious packages. Protesters from a pro-Trump rally descended on the Capitol, clashing with police and leading authorities to lockdown […]

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Burglar Begs For Life, Shot By Florida Man After Chasing him from Home!

Florida Man is at it again. …Despite Stand Your Ground Laws you cannot shoot someone who is fleeing. This is known to anyone who has gone through any conceal carry course. Even most instructors try to make it a point to let you know that unless there is risk of serious injury or death you […]

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Guy Brandishes A Knife Gets Spicy Hairspray!

…Oh wait. Bearspray. It was bearspray! According to TruthHurtsMedia the incident at a patriotic gathering. However, after repeatedly flashing his knife the peaceful protestors and ended up being maced.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Essential MJ HERNANDEZ (@truthurtsmedia) The second video shows the mans reaction to the bearspray.   […]

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Karma Dealt to Meter Maid Who Blocked Ambulance

Im not sure if peoples IQs are dropping or what’s going on… But a video has surfaced on IG from NineLineApparel showing a MeterMaid taking their time writing a ticket then casually strolling over to the offending vehicle and placing it on the window. There is just one problem. A ambulance is trying to get […]

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Talking Shit With the Tacticalsht_stl crew!

We announced an exiting new project about a week ago and within a few days had the first episode out on Instagram and YouTube! Well The second episode has dropped!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tacticalsht_stl (@tacticalsht_stl) @redwhiteandben and the Staff of @tacticalsht_stl sit down to discuss the ongoing […]

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Former Officer Sues LAPD for Destruction of Gun Collection.

Its far to common that when firearms get seized the owner often never sees them again even if they turn out to be innocent. A recent ruling however may make officials who violate their oaths think twice! According to the Firearms Chronicles   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by @Firearmchronicles (@firearmchronicles)

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