Increase Your Rate Of Fire with The GatCrank!

Wanna shoot full auto!? Sounds fun right? There’s nothing like a fun day at the range sending freedom seeds down range at a cyclic rate!


Well, just go to the local Class III FFL with an SOT and buy yourself one.

oh wait… the cheapest full auto is around 7 or 8 thousand dollars and a ton of paper work…. a shit ton of money… And an astronomical amount of time to wait.


Thats ok. Plan B!

We could just go get a binary. Those shoot fast too right? Well yes, but even those are out of the budget for some and can set you back two to three hundred dollars.


What about Plan C just buy a buy a bump stock! Those are pretty cheap and fun!

As of the 26th of March 2019 buying selling or possession of a bump stock or similar device has became a federal crime. Anyone caught with one will be charged with the possession of an illegal machine gun and could face a minimum or 10 years plus $250k in fines!

Scratch that idea.


Well Just buy a binary trigger then!

oh wait checking account says that is a no go as well.


Surely there must be a cheaper alternative right? Well there is!

Meet the GatCrank.

The GatCrank is a rapid fire trigger actuator that easily bolts to your firearms trigger gaurd and  increases your rate of fire making it perfect for putting multiple rounds down range and on target quickly and efficiently. Going to the range or plinking in the woods is more enjoyable at three shots per rotation of the crank, and even better when paired with a bipod for the ultimate GatCrank experience. While originally designed for AR-15, AK-47, and 10/22 styled rifles, the crank’s adaptable design is compatible with many other rifle styles as well.


Just look at these rave reviews pulled from Gatcranks page: 

Any chance to trigger (pun fully intended) liberal media is enough reason for me!

You can purchase your GatCrank Here">