Karma Dealt to Meter Maid Who Blocked Ambulance

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Im not sure if peoples IQs are dropping or what’s going on… But a video has surfaced on IG from NineLineApparel showing a MeterMaid taking their time writing a ticket then casually strolling over to the offending vehicle and placing it on the window.

There is just one problem.

A ambulance is trying to get a patient to a hospital What really sets it off though is this person had the nerve to argue with a responding emergency vehicle.



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After doing a little bit of digging We were able to find that the maid has been suspended without pay while an investigation in conducted and hopefully someone this fucking stupid will be out of a job.

WPXI states that Onorato told Channel 11 they are not supposed to block streets at all. Those officers are supposed to pull over to a “safe area,” which is mostly for emergency vehicles — such as ambulances.

That officer has not been identified, but officials confirmed she has been suspended without pay pending the result of an investigation.

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