Death of level IIIA Body Armor part 2!!! *Vid

Update: You asked we listened. We got our hands on some IIIa hard plates and some rifle rated plates as well! You can see part two below!

In an earlier article we discussed one company that was engineering a bullet specifically to defeat level IIIa. The bullet Utilized obscure alloys and careful geometry to keep it from falling under the armor piercing ammunition ban. But thats old news.  This armor wasn’t defeated by a round it wasnt rated for. It was not shot with rifle ammunition. It was defeated with a copper spun 9mm bullet from Fort Scott Munitions! The 115gr projectile was fired from a Stocatto P with 4.15 inch barrel.

How tough is most IIIA armor to defeat with a bullet its rated for? Recoil dumped 30 rounds of .45acp into an Allyone ballistic panel. Out of the 30 rounds only 3 or 4 eventually ended up penetrating the armor. This was coming out of a Full auto Mac 10.

With that in mind. The first round of the Fort Scott 9mm penetrated. Again. Not out of a rifle length barrel. No crazy powders. Just  a copper spun 115gr projectile was all it took. The armor failed to stop the following 9 rounds. All went through like a hot knife through butter! While we think this project is pretty interesting itself there are some criminal elements of society that may take advantage of this new ballistic technology and as the SigGlockinColt stated our law enforcement friends should really considered upgrading to level IV armor because as ammunition technology advances level IIIa just isn’t going to cut it anymore.">