Manufacturer of the Hudson H9 Bankrupt! Now what?

We’re not sure how this one flew under our radar as the Hudson H9 was a pretty popular handgun last year at shotshot! However this year they were no where to be found. The reason? The Makers of the widely praised Hudson H9 have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy! This comes shortly after a lawsuit filed by Cambridge Valley Machining and various reported customer service woes according to TheFirearmBlog! But it seems like Cambridge Valley Machining May not be the only company that hasn’t received payment.

Needless to say it would appear that many Hudson H9 owners are going to be S.O.L. when it comes to getting parts, repair, or service for their pistols…

That was until KE Arms LLC made this statement on face book.

In the past week Hudson Manufacturing’s bankruptcy filings became public. KE Arms LLC is listed as a creditor in these documents. As this is now in the public sphere, we feel it is now appropriate to discuss this publicly.

KE Arms manufactured the bulk of the slides for Hudson H9s. We were selected to produce these parts by Hudson because of our experience manufacturing pistol slides for a variety of OEM clients, and our ability to ramp up production. At one point we were delivering 400 H9 slides per week to Hudson Manufacturing. We also developed and prototyped the H9A frame.

The last payment we received from Hudson was in July of 2018. Between delivered product, inventory on hand, and development fees we are owed in the upwards of seven figure range.

We are currently exploring market demand for the slides and alloy frames (made from 7075 billet) we have on hand, and manufacturing new small parts. We want to recover our costs, and help existing owners of H9s that currently have nowhere to turn for service and support. Like those who have sent in guns months ago to Hudson for service and heard nothing back, we also have not had communication with Hudson in months.

If you’re interested in slides, frames, and parts for the H9 Pistol. Please comment here or e-mail

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