Whataburger Pulls The Plug On The WhataPistol!

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If theres two things Texas is known for its guns and Whataburger as one gun shop pointed out. Whataburgers popularity could very much rival In-N-Out. So it should be no surprise that the Texas Elite have been getting everything Whataburger themed. Cars,Jewelry, guns, etc. However, Whataburger was not exactly thrilled about the build.


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Thanks to @htxtactical and @article_hk_crks for the hookup and to @titan_bruh for the idea

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KPRC in Houston reports that HTX Tactical has been making a special pistol with Whataburger’s insignia.  Among their customers are rappers and professional athletes.

Worker Javier Garcia told KPRC that a customer suggested the Whataburger theme.

“Texas and Whataburger go hand in hand,” Garcia explained.

The company’s basic gun is stripped apart with upgrades added if desired. Then, a special coating process is added to produce special Whataburger designs.

The company then employs a special layering technique to stencil the Whataburger logos on the gun. And once they finish coating it, the gun is set aside for 24 hours after it is reassembled. Then, the gun is tested

However, Whataburger has told FoxNews that they are less than thrilled with the custom pistols and given the gun shop a cease and desist.

“This product is not affiliated or licensed by the Whataburger brand in any way. HTX Tactical does not have permission to use Whataburger’s logo, and we’ve contacted them to stop using the brand to create and promote this product.”

HTX Tactical, the gunshop that completed the build, took down the post but had this response posted to their Instagram.


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Watch video ?

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Not going to lie theme guns aren’t exactly our cup of tea but to each there own. What are your thoughts?

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