Every New Gun Owner Should Watch These 5 Short Videos!

Travis Pike

YouTube has thousands of training videos — some good, some, well, not so much — that new gun owners can watch and begin to learn the basics. There are also plenty of at-home drills (featuring lots and lots of dry fire practice) to start learning the basics of safe gun handling, the proper grip, and good trigger finger position.

Here are five short videos to get you started, beginning with the late, great R. Lee Ermey and Team GLOCK going over the all-important Four Rules of Firearm Safety.

Watch and learn these rules first before you go any further.


Once you have that down, you must know how to grip your new handgun properly.



Getting the right grip on your gun is good, but trigger finger placement is important, too.



“Dry fire” practice is something every gun owner can and should do at home. It costs nothing and is a great way to practice and improve your draw, presentment, trigger pull, and shooting from the comfort of your home.



Finally, this one has good overall coverage of stance and other basics.


Let us know what you think about these videos in the comments below!