How to Get Started Hunting 🦌 the Right Way!

Getting started in hunting is easier and harder than one would expect for reasons that may surprise you. Like many things in life, hunting is a generational tradition and leisure pastime of many, and there are industries built to help ensure your success. I will elaborate on that in a few moments, but first, I […]

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Understanding and Increasing Capabilities with a Firearm

Capability – the extent of someone’s or something’s ability. If you carry a firearm for self-defense or work, you should have a firm and current understanding of your capability with that firearm in terms of speed and precision with respect to stress.  I have taken many firearms training courses that contained no qualification or test […]

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How to shoot a handgun better and do other things good too.

It’s You, Not the Gun | Why Most People Miss with a Handgun

The next time you head to the range, look where the other shooter’s shots are impacting their targets. I guarantee that you will find an overwhelming number of misses below the aiming area. Why is that? Are they jerking the trigger or are their sights off? The sights probably aren’t off. Saying the shooter is […]

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Check out the Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System. Dry fire practice at home has always been a great way to work on your draw, presentation, and trigger control skills. But it can be hard to see your progress. And actually getting to the range is time consuming, and range fees and ammunition are expensive. Now […]

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Save On Ammo, and Range fees, With The Strikeman Laser Training System

Just whey you thought you had to go back and brave the covid-19 nightmare, Strikeman, formally Drifire, comes in with the quick save of their EASY to USE, training system, that takes LITTLE TO NO TIME to set up and, is a BLAST to use. Check out what HMFIC Sig Glockincolt, AKA Tj Kirgin had […]

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ARMED Private security officer stopped Nightclub Active Shooter! *Video*

More often than not you run into stories where armed security makes split second decision without putting much thought into it. These often end up with the security guard in handcuffs and jail-time. This is not one of those stories. This security guard followed her training to the T and even rendered aid to the […]

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Officer fires at dog, hits 9 year old girl! *Disturbing*

We’d like to say first off we support law enforcement. We stand behind our nations LEOs and 100% support what they do. However, there are a few individuals that should not be police officers. Hell, during my time in the military there were individuals who should not have made it past basic. One of the […]

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Bodycam video shows shootout with armed robbery suspect in Denver!*Graphic*

*WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT* This video shows the moments after an armed robbery suspect was killed and an officer was shot outside a 7-Eleven in June. A bystander was also shot. The DA ruled the officers’ actions were justified. 9NEWS.COM reports DENVER (AP) — Denver’s prosecutor says a police officer was justified in shooting a man […]

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Police Helicopter Captures Gun Battle On Texas Interstate * Warning Graphic*

Warning: Graphic video! A dramatic video emerged out of Texas giving a birds eye view of a highway chase in San Antonio. The helicopter can be heard communicating with troopers as they pursue the suspect down the highway. Eventually the suspect loses a tire and is blocked by a trooper shortly after. The suspect opens […]

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Deputy describes Brutal Fight with suspect*Graphic*

This deputies experience definitely highlights the importance of constantly training for any situation! According to FoxNews A West Virginia sheriff’s deputy has posted a harrowing account of her fight with a suspect on Facebook in order to, as she puts it, to give “a swift kick in the ass to a lot of cops.” Brooke […]

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