Save On Ammo, and Range fees, With The Strikeman Laser Training System

Just whey you thought you had to go back and brave the covid-19 nightmare, Strikeman, formally Drifire, comes in with the quick save of their EASY to USE, training system, that takes LITTLE TO NO TIME to set up and, is a BLAST to use. Check out what HMFIC Sig Glockincolt, AKA Tj Kirgin had to say about his experience with the Strikeman System.

Strikeman is a dry-fire training system that allows you to practice your shooting skills without the need for live ammunition. By using our signature target, laser bullet and smartphone holder in unison with our phone app, you can safely practice your shot in the comfort of your home. Traditional shooting practice is expensive.

Now you no longer need to pay for range fees and ammunition to improve your accuracy.

Their 15 Day Guarantee
The Strikeman Training System is guaranteed to improve your shot accuracy, or your money back. Try it risk free for 15 days!

Throughout the years, the military has used dry-training to improve their soldiers shooting skills. Until now, affordable dry-fire training was limited in the market. Strikeman has finally made dry-fire training affordable and effective for all Americans.

Their signature laser bullet is available in the most popular calibre types, including 9 mm, .30 ACP, .40 S&W, ,45 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Sig and .233/5.56. The laser bullet is designed without a rim, so the bullet doesn’t get ejected after firing. The bullet is 100% safe for your firearm, and will not damage the weapon during use.

The back of the laser bullet has a rubber button pad that safely absorbs the impact of the firing pin and triggers the laser to strike when the gun is fired.

The App

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, our award-winning smartphone app records laser strikes from our Strikeman laser bullet on the Strikeman target, while giving you real time feedback of your shot accuracy.

When you’re finished your shot training session, check out the History section to see your shot accuracy improvements over time, your average shot score distribution, and other key metrics.

The Target System

The Strikeman target system is designed to work with the Strikeman app. The target includes a removable mount and suction cups, so you can place the target on a desk or suction the target to a wall

Our custom designed smartphone holder allows you to adjust your smartphone effortlessly so you can point the camera of your phone at the Strikeman target from up to 8 feet away.