Bodycam video shows shootout with armed robbery suspect in Denver!*Graphic*

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This video shows the moments after an armed robbery suspect was killed and an officer was shot outside a 7-Eleven in June. A bystander was also shot. The DA ruled the officers’ actions were justified.

9NEWS.COM reports

DENVER (AP) — Denver’s prosecutor says a police officer was justified in shooting a man suspected of robbing a convenience store at gunpoint and will not face charges.

According to District Attorney Beth McCann’s decision letter, an employee ran outside and flagged down two Denver officers on June 13 when Carnell Nelson took out a gun inside the store along a busy section of Colfax Avenue near the state Capitol building.

McCann says Nelson shot first as police pursued him and struck Denver Police Officer Travis Lloyd in the leg.

McCann’s letter says Nelson fired five shots and also hit a bystander’s foot.

McCann says Lloyd fired 13 times, striking Nelson once…

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