Yeet Cannons To Be Found On Crime Scenes Soon!

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The Yeet cannon is upon us! Hi-Point is expected to go live on facebook with the announcement today!

The newest pistol from Hi Point is expected to hit the streets in late 2019. The pistol which now features a more angular design with front and rear slide serrations, a 1911 style back-strap safety a ambi mag release, threaded barrel an extended rear sight base which can be removed and replaced with a picatinny rail for an RMR sight. The magazine has changed has well it goes from a double stack to single and now holds 10 rnds. This is a pretty big step for Hi-point considering the design hasn’t changed in 20 years!

This comes shortly after a debacle in which their customer based claimed the vote was rigged after Yeet Cannon was removed from the list of options. However, after some nudging from Heckler and Koch and their fans Hi-point revealed their intentions and Yeet Cannon was infact still on the ballot!

All Jokes aside. Hi-point is an American, family owned, company, producing reliable American made firearms for Americans to exercise their 2nd amendment rights at a more affordable price point. That and the fact that they listen to their fanbase and customers is respectable.

Yeeton guys!

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