Officer Who Arrested El Chapo’s Son Shot 155 Times! *Video*

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The Cartels have retaliated against the officer who arrested El Chapos son. The officer only identified as Eduardo was 32, and had joined the force 6 years ago.

TheDailyStar reports that an elite police officer who was part of the operation to arrest the son of El Chapo has been brutally murdered after two men shot him more than 150 times.

Ovidio Guzman, the son of the drug lord, was briefly captured by Mexican police, triggering a shocking gunfight in the streets.

Authorities were later forced to release Guzman , who is believed to have followed his dad into the drugs trade, to avoid further bloodshed.

One of the elite police officers, officially named as Eduardo Triana Sandoval involved in the operation has been gunned down outside a shopping centre.

Security officials in Sinaloa showed ‘solidarity’ with the slayed cop, posting about his brutal death on Facebook

The local authorities are investigating the murder, and whether a criminal gang was behind the alleged assassination. According to the Sun

His brutal slaying comes days after the botched attempt to capture Ovidio Guzman Lopez – one of El Chapo’s sons, also known as “Little Chapo”.

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