“A Grunt’s Life ” A Movie For Grunts By Grunts!

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What kind of people would TacticalShit be if we didnt share this amazing masterpiece with our fans? They guys over at Veteran Television have done it again and this time they are bringing you a full length movie!

Imagine a movie showing everything Marines joked and fantasized about while they were in combat … well Veteran Television made that movie, and it’s just as savage as it sounds. This dark, irreverent comedy horror is made for those who have had their minds twisted by war. On a remote patrol base in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008, A Grunt’s Life follows Lieutenant Vinny Murphy (Donny O’Malley), a prior-enlisted Marine who wants to bust a nut and kill his boss just as bad as he wants to kill the Taliban. Nothing is sacred and no one is spared as we make jokes and show fantasies about the realities of war – killing incompetent commanders, exterminating enemies, torturing the bad guys, selectively following the rules of war, “releasing” ourselves during much-deserved combat jacks, fantasizing about sex, dreaming about necrophilia, collecting war trophies, and much more. This movie is for those who enjoy laughing at what we know to be wrong and tragic, a form of therapy for those who served in combat. Sorry, did you expect anything different from people trained to kill? Enjoy the ride war dogs, this one’s for you. Disclaimer: This movie is a work of fiction and VET Tv does not condone or support any actions portrayed.

Donny Omalley, retired Marine Corps officer started VET Tv and wrote A Grunt’s Life. He talks about how he embraces the sick fantasies, emotions, and thoughts that were used to make this story so realistic for those who served in combat. He dives into his personal experience in the Marine Corps and his own combat deployment to Sangin in 2012 with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines.

You can get your copy of the movie on VET Tvs website here!


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