Kick Bear Receive Karma. *Video*

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A video clip depicting the moment of the bear’s attack on an Idiot is going viral and spreading across several social media platforms. The video shows a man following a bear without incident until he decides to kick it… because thats the logical thing to do. Karma soon followed as the bear viciously attacked the man who kicked him.

KAM 24 reports that  the man filmed the predator on a cell phone camera and approached the bear getting dangerously close. The beast turned around and with a roar rushed at the man. Further on, the sounds of fighting can be heard. Then the bear left, The author says that the predator has bit his hand.

Some sites that have published a video claim that the incident occurred in Kamchatka.

The journalist of the news agency Kam 24 asked for a comment from the regional agency of forestry and wildlife management. There, as it turned out, they have already seen the video. However, it has not yet been possible to determine in which region the bear attacked a man.

“Such events could occur not only in Kamchatka, but also in the Magadan region, in Yakutia, on Sakhalin,” the agency representative said.

In this regard, the IA Kam 24 calls the author of the video or people who know the circumstances of the video events to report where and when the incident with the bear occurred.

Experts, in turn, call on residents and guests of the peninsula not to approach predators when they meet with them. Such behavior can lead to unpredictable consequences.

In Kamchatka this year, two people have already died from the paws of wild animals. The first case occurred on May 4 in the Ust-Bolsheretsky district. The second  is at the end of May in the Karaginsky district. According to the regional agency of forestry and wildlife protection, the number of bears in Kamchatka exceeds 24 thousand individuals.

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