ICE Officer Has Had Enough OF This Hippy Bulls***!

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Pro-tip: Maybe you shouldn’t stand in the middle of roads and block traffic…

Protesters still haven’t learned that people are fucking tired of their shit. People are tired of getting pulled from their vehicles and assaulted for simply trying to get to work and do their jobs. Everyone has figured out that a 90lb sjw incel isnt going to stop a 4500lb truck and for that reason they are not going to stop anymore.

Which is the very reason he wont be charged. More than likely the idiots saw he was an ICE officer and decided to surround his truck. At that point he was in fear of his life as past protest have resulted in drivers being assaulted, so he decided to escape the situation. You can say peaceful protest all you want but we know that is not always the case.

And of course after learning not to attack the vehicle the first time they continued which resulted in officers launching pepper spray. Across the media this has been portrayed as the protesters being the victims when anyone who watches it knows damn well they are the instigators.


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