Federal LEO Association Supports Banning Civilian Body Armor Sales!

So according to Schumer and the Federal LEO Association it would seem that your childs life doesnt matter.

Many are calling Schumers plan to ban personal body armor unconstitutional. Schumer wants to regulate the sale of body armor to only those whose occupation requires it such as Military or Law enforcement but what he doesn’t realize is many parents are putting the life saving item into their children’s backpacks, Officer workers are reinforcing their laptops bags with it and some owners even have KITS for when things go bump in the night.

Regulating or banning personal body armor only endangers more lives and DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP MASS SHOOTERS like many things these absent minded politicians try to push. They seem to forget that the common man does not have an armed security detail at their disposal 24/7 and we are responsible for our own safety and security that ultimately the 2nd amendment gives us the choice to defend ourselves should our lives be put in danger.

However, though many have called it unconstitutional the Federal LEO association seems to be in support of a ban. They THINK its rational and want to review the policy according to WoodTV.

Though democrats keep calling for the ban of certain firearms and body armor what they fail to realize is that the sale of body armor to felons is already illegal. There are already laws to keep it out of the wrong hands… yet like any law. Criminals ignore it and get around them anyway.