Memes Get Man RedFlagged!

Dear. Mr President. We ARE NOT communist china. People have the right to free speech even if its something we may or may not agree with. This is exactly the type of shit we were talking about. This is exactly why red-flag laws are dangerous. They not only infringe on ones free speech but their right to due process as well. Now a mans rights have been severly violated for sharing humor.

…and thats all it is. Humor. This man didn’t write a manifesto. He didn’t go on and on about wanting to kill or break records. He shared a joke online like many others do which hurt someones feelings so they reported him.

UncleSamsMisguidedChildren writes that Brandon Wagsol literally just shared memes and talked of purchasing gun parts. No threats were made and he is in jail until September 6 until he can post a $250,000  bond.

and of course the liberal media outlets jumped on this case like a bitch in heat to spin the story to read that a man was arrested for showing interest in committing a mass shooting”. Which is entirely bullshit.

The meme that got him flagged had NOTHING TO DO WITH MASS MURDER.

Infact its funny as fuck.

Posted with permission from unclesamsmisguidedchildren

This shit has literally ruined a mans life. It got him banned from his college campus

“Boogaloo” – a slang term for shit-hits-the-fan, or government gone bad and they’re coming for you, time to fight back. Boogaloo toys refers to guns. The opposite of “bugging out.”

“Alphabet bois” – ATF, FBI, DEA, etc.

“Coat hanger sears” – hand-crafted drop-in auto sears for an AR.

There were no illegal weapons. Everything the police seized was perfectly legal to own according to News12 Connecticut,

FBI investigators say the Norwalk Police Department received a tip about Wagshol’s activity from a concerned citizen. The joint investigation began after the FBI received a tip that Wagshol was trying to buy high capacity magazines from out of state.

Police say all the weapons recovered from the home are legally owned and registered to Wagshol’s father, but that the 22-year-old had access to them. Investigators also recovered body armor with a titanium plate, camouflage shirt, pant and belt, ballistic helmet, tactical gloves, camouflage bag and computers.

This is literally the Liberal version of swatting. Innocent people are going to get shot(already happened) How many redflag calls is it going to take before Law enforcement realizes someone may be using it to harass others?

Whats really concerning is many in the veteran community share the same type of humor according to UncleSamsMisguidedChildren Instagram has blacklisted any reference to the word “boogaloo.” Big Tech appears to feel that such memes are dangerous and need to be banned.">