Bodycam Saves Officer From Sexual Assault allegations!

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For the past few years SJW s favorite past time has been trying to throw Law Enforcement Officers under the bus by making false claims against them. One of their rallying chants, “Police need to wear body-cams” soon became policy for many departments across the country. The snowflakes immediately started celebrating this victory imagining all the little infractions they would soon have video proof of. However, It seems their little victory has backfired right back into their little triggered faces. Body-cams have actually saved the careers on many LEOs that have had these false claims made against them!

FoxNews reports

The lawyer for a Texas woman who accused a state trooper of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop apologized Wednesday on behalf of his client, saying that newly released police body cam footage did not corroborate her story.

Lee Merritt issued a statement saying the evidence “directly conflicts with the accounts reported to my office” by Sherita Dixon-Cole. The woman had accused Officer Daniel Hubbard of sexual assault during a traffic stop on Sunday.

She went on to say Hubbard continued his sexual advances on the way to the police station, even alleging that he offered to take her to a remote location where she could provide sexual favors in exchange for her release from…

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