Armaspec Rifter The Wait is Over! But is it Quieter?

Earlier this year at Shot Show 2020 in Las Vegas we showed you the Innovative Armaspec Rifter Linear Muzzle Brake with Blast Shield.

The Rifter allows combustion gas to travel inside the chambers of the brake for a longer period of time greatly reducing felt recoil and directing the sound forward away from the shooter. The Rifter™ blast shield is used to minimize the blast pattern, which is especially helpful when in close proximity to others or in the prone position.

Many AR-15 owners have been patiently waiting for the release and ultimately the shipping of the Rifter which was delayed like everything else by Covid-19 shutdowns and supply chain breaks.  Some however probably developed blisters on their keyboard fingers from emailing various customer service departments asking “when will my Rifter ship”.  Well the wait is over.  The Armaspec Rifter is now available in Black.

You can order the Armaspec Rifter from us at Tactical Shit or directly from Armaspec today!

At Tactical Shit we have not yet had a chance to take the Rifter to the range so we found these two videos that show well its performance in regards to muzzle flip control (it actually pushes down a bit which is more natural for recovery as you push againt the recoil) AND the second video actually tests the Rifter with a decibel meter showing how it DEFINETLEY reduces the loudness at the shooters right ear (which takes the worst beating if they are right handed)

In this video you can see that the Rifter creates a gentle PUSH downward of the muzzle allowing for very quick recovery and follow up hits on target.">