Iowa City Lifts Ban On Guns In Public Buildings, Buses

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According to Firearm Chronicles

Iowa isn’t the kind of place one would associate with gun control. After all, it’s a state known for its rural culture. Mostly, it’s known for corn. That and the Iowa Caucuses, when every presidential candidate pretends they know about corn.

OK, there’s more to the state than that. There always is, after all, but it’s the perception many have of it.

What they don’t think about is a love of gun control. Yet, despite that, Iowa City passed a resolution in 2011 that banned guns from public buildings and city buses.

Now, they’ve rescinded that resolution.

The Iowa City City Council approved 5-2 to rescind a resolution that prohibited weapons inside public buildings and transportation in order to comply with Iowa law, despite citing danger to the community and concern over open carry.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed House File 2502, an amendment that prohibits cities, counties, and townships from banning weapons from public buildings and transportation on June 25. City Attorney Eleanor Dilkes said that if Iowa City did not comply with the amendment, the city could be liable for damages, costs, and attorney fees if lawsuits against it were successful.

Weapons will be allowed in all city buildings and transportation for the first time in nine years since the city council initially approved a resolution banning them in February 2011. Many city councilors said in a meeting Tuesday night they were disappointed that the state legislature passed this new law and forced the city to approve.

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