Woman Smoke Checks Chainsaw Wielding Psycho!

Snagged from mrgunsngearsdock Instagram! You just never know when someone will snap and whether you know them or not you are suddenly the target! A woman found out the hard way but fortunately she was ready for the methed-out madman.


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Its probably been awhile since we have touched on this or sent out a reminder but You need to be carrying EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME with one in the chamber. Do it safely but DO IT! Far too often people who forget leave their ccw at home get into the mindset of “Oh, Ill be fine Im just going down the street”, “Ill only be gone for 5 minutes” and often this costs them dearly. Carry your shit!

Edit: Found out that this is a not the original woman, but the story is still indeed real. Good times! but the message remains the same. Carry!!!