Why is the News Media Ignoring Minneapolis?

Why?  Why would the liberal leftist media not be beating a war drum right now after video emerges of Minneapolis Police literally killing a man without cause in a grotesque and cruel manner?  It seems like a byline.  It seems like they are worried that it may get in the  way of their Covid-19 bullshit.

I heard a reporter on NBC this morning say “We will get back to the growing death toll of Covid 19 in just a moment” then they spent about 1 minute on the story and the protest.  Then they jumped back into the Covid story like this: “Almost 99,000 Americans have been KILLED by Corona Virus so far and numbers are increasing in 37 states after Americans failed to social distance over Memorial Day weekend”

Killed?  Killed?  Fucking seriously?  They died of a flu, they were not killed.  They are now drawing inference to those of us that do not follow their “strict social distancing policies” to murderers.

But that’s ok, in another article they talk about creating an “army of disease detectives”  to identify anyone that has been “exposed” and force them to quarantine.  Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany in the early 1940s.

I digress, this article is about the Minneapolis Story and why the media is essentially ignoring it, when any other time it would be creating salivation.  Could it be that they don’t want to put cops in a negative light or shine light on tyranny when it is those same cops they need to enforce their current tyrannical bullshit?