[LISTEN] Riots Break Out In Minneapolis, COPS Being Targeted!

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The police scanner has come alive in Hennepin County Minneapolis Police.  Dispatch is advising wounded officers to report to the 3rd precinct.  There are reports of shots fired and multiple assaults on Law Enforcement.  Barricades are being brought in and this is just getting started.  George Soros will be sending money and buses soon!


(photo is of Ferguson MO several years ago.  Is this Ferguson 2.0?)

Supervisors are advising to use 40mm with markers or “gel” to deal directly with “the rock throwers”

At least one report of a person on fire was mentioned by dispatch.

“Hennepin County Public Safety Dispatch” with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here: https://scannerradio.app/?l=NjExNzY-

Almost 24 hours after George Floyd was confronted by Minneapolis police, officers in riot gear and angry protesters clashed outside a police station, rubber bullets, chemical irritant, water bottles, rocks in the air. 

8:40 pm Looting Has begun.  Target employees reporting people are trying to break down the doors.

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