When it come to tasers, some like it hot! *Graphic*

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Tasers in general are less than lethal and usually subdue the attacker or suspect with little to no lasting effects or injuries. However, outside a restaurant in Philadelphia a man was tased by security outside the establishment after he refused to leave. After getting hit his pants burst into flames with many outlets reporting there may have been some sort of accelerant on his jeans.

Fox News Reports that a video circulating on social media shows a man who caught fire after being tased in South Philadelphia on Friday night.

Pat Tackney, who filmed the incident, said the man refused to leave Jim’s Steaks and was forcibly removed by security.

Footage shows two security guards using a stun gun on the man before his leg catches fire.

“So I witnessed a man catch fire after being tased last night…” Tackney wrote…
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This isn’t the first time an incident like this has happened. A similar incident happened in 2007 when the suspect doused himself in gasoline before getting hit by the taser. The suspect died from his injuries.

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