Two Fudds Get a Bullet Proof Vest. Both Have Jail Time!

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We were really expecting this to be another case of the ever Heroic Florida man but its not. Two men from Arkansas decided they were going to test the ballistic effectiveness of a bullet proof vest on each other.  They are lucky considering that once a vest is shot its effectiveness to stop rounds usually decreases. Whats even crazier is the cover story they concocted to cover it up!

According to FoxNews the bulletproof vests worked. But two Arkansas men could still be in legal jeopardy after a night of drinking led them to test the vests by shooting at each other, officials said.

Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were arrested Sunday after Hicks showed up at a Rogers hospital complaining about chest pain.

Not wanting to reveal the true story of the backyard shootout, police said Ferris invented a lively story to explain the situation, KFSM reported.

Ferris allegedly told authorities he’d been paid $200 to protect an “asset,” whom he followed into the woods at Hobbs State Park. Ferris reportedly said that, while in the woods at about 10 p.m., the pair met a third man who approached the “asset” and prompted a gunfight. Cops say Ferris claimed to have been struck six times while returning fire and finally driving away with the “asset.”

Ferris allegedly said the “asset” dropped him off at his vehicle and the 50-year-old then dumped his weapons and drove to the hospital.

But officials say Ferris went from looking like 007 to just looking like a zero when his wife showed up at the hospital and spilled the…

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