suspect wearing police vest shot by homeowner!

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A home invasion suspect was shot in the ass by the victims of the invasion. He entered the home wearing a police vest though sources did not say, many are wondering if the vest provided any sort of ballistic protection. If however that is the case it would just go to highlight why there is a need for pistol ammunition capable of defeating armor to be available to the public.

According to CBS4Indy police arrested 34-year-old Carl Simion for criminal confinement and impersonating a public servant.

Officers say he was wearing a police vest when he tried to hold-up two men and a woman inside a home on Indy’s southeast side. Police records said they also found handcuffs.

This happened around midnight in the 9000 block of East McGregor Road near South Franklin Road and East Southport Road.

Police say one of the people inside the home pulled out a gun and shot Simion.

Simion fled from the home, but police found him. Medics transported him to the hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to his buttocks. Police say it is not a life-threatening injury.

“You think you’re in a safe neighborhood, but no one is ever safe anymore… I’m gonna put up some extra storm doors and replace some of the locks to make sure they are quality locks,” the neighbor said.

On Friday morning, police recovered a two-way radio and headset outside a home on Knapp Road, a neighboring street. The homeowner there said someone knocked on his door around 12:30 a.m. The homeowner said he told the guy to go away or he’d call police. Friday morning, when he went outside, the homeowner spotted the radio and headset and told police.

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This incident highlights one of the reasons we sell Fort Scott Munitions. If criminals will break laws to get firearms they will surely use any resource available to them to aid in their crimes. So why not use everything at your disposal?

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