Starbucks customer outraged after barista spells his name ‘ISIS’ on his coffee cup instead of Aziz

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File this under shit you seriously cannot make up!

Starbucks is notorious for mis-spelling customers names. Well they have screwed the pooch again. After catching heat for kicking two black men out of their store. They have decided to up the ante and write ISIS on a Muslim mans order. His name was Aziz.

According to TheSun He ordered three drinks, one for himself and for two pals he was with.

When he was asked by a barista for a name for his order Mr Johnson gave his Muslim name ‘Aziz’.

Mr Johnson, who lives in Philadelphia, told NBC News: “I was shocked at first and then angry because I felt as though we were discriminated against.

“I feel as if I was discriminated against and it’s hurtful.”

However, after investigating, Starbucks insisted the incident was not discriminatory.

A spokesman said: “The customer approached and provided the name Aziz. The barista mistakenly spelled it incorrectly.

“We have connected with Mr Johnson and apologised for this regrettable mistake…

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