Pro Second Amendment Rally: Show Me The People!

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Show Me The People is a Pro Second Amendment Organization that is here to bring a return to Constitutional gun rights. This rally offers a chance for everyone’s voice to be heard as a whole. We strive to bring people together and educate them while defending our rights to keep and bear arms. We stand for all of our Constitutional Rights but believe the Second Amendment is the corner stone to protecting not only life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but also all aspects of our founders dreams. The money raised will go to pay for event costs, speakers fees and honorariums. The event is scheduled for August 25, 2018, at the capital building in Jefferson City, Missouri. By stepping up to help each person is a vital part of taking a stand for our rights.

This is a speaker oriented Second Amendment rally, to encourage people of all walks of life to take a stand for their rights and freedoms as written in the Constitution. At this time, we have three confirmed speakers: Kristi Nichols, Jesse Three Eagles, and Kevin Dixie. They are currently communicating with several more speakers, all of whom stand firm for the 2A.

Bring your families, bring your friends, and enjoy the diverse unity of gun owners from across Missouri…everyone from sportsmen, competitors, hunters, veterans, LEO, and more. WE, together, truly are the people.

You can find more info on this Events FaceBook and GoFundMe pages just click the link!

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