Armed Mom Shoots thief who tried to steal her car with children inside!

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The biggest role a parent must play in their childs life is their protector. Keeping their kids safe from harm and the dangers of the world dont just apply to those living in 3rd world countries. Predators are everywhere and shit can hit the fan at anytime, anywhere. Thats why it is so important in todays world for parents to Stay alert, stay vigilant and Carry for the sake of their children.

According to Fox59

DALLAS, Texas – A would-be car thief ended up in the hospital after a mother shot him Wednesday night in Dallas.

According to KXAS, it happened around 10 p.m. outside a gas station. The mother left her SUV outside with two toddlers still in the vehicle. A man climbed into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away, police said.

The woman got back into the vehicle and ordered the man to stop. When he didn’t, she got into the glove box to retrieve a gun and shot him. The man then drove the SUV into a pole.

A mother shot a man in the head after he tried to steal her SUV while her two toddlers were inside, Dallas police say.

Posted by NBC DFW on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Police said the mother and…

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