Q Honey Badger Pistol!

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Ive been a fan of the Honey Badger since the AAC days.

The FirearmBlog writes

Since its humble beginnings as a garage workshop invention, the pistol stabilizing brace (PSB) has gone through a few generations worth of changes, upgrades and advancements. Some iterations were strictly functional, focusing on comfort over aesthetics. However, recent models have evolved into braces that are nearly indistinguishable from their stock counterparts. Collaborating with SB Tactical, the firearm and silencer designers, builders and manufacturers at Q have created a PSB specifically for the Honey Badger stock attachment assembly.

While we have only gotten our hands on a few of the pre-production models pictured below, the final design is both clean and sharp, fitting the Honey Badger’s personality nicely. While the brace is certainly functional as designed, it also works perfectly well when shouldered should the need arise.

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Honey Badger Pistol

TFB @ Q: Honey Badger Pistol With Brace

Without announcing a formal release date, the Honey Badger Pistol with Brace is expected to hit the market in a matter of weeks. Currently, prospective customers can pick from a 7” Short Barreled Rifle(SBR) NFA model as well as a 16” (non-NFA) Title 1 Firearm.

MAC Tactical @ Q: Honey Badger Pistol With Brace

Also in the works is a Honey Badger stock assembly for standard AR15 lower assemblies. It will eventually be available as a stock or as a PSB variety. Release dates are still unknown.

Honey Badger Pistol

TFB @ Q: Honey Badger Pistol With Brace; AR15 Q Stock (And Pistol Brace) Prototype

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