PGA Golfer Shoots long range rifle shots in slo mo.

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These shots are actually pretty impressive!

The OutdoorHub writes

We’ve featured PGA Tour professional Jimmy Walker here on OutdoorHub during hunting season before, but this time, we’re here to discuss his long-range rifle skills.

Take a scroll through Jimmy Walker’s Instagram, and you’ll see he’s really just your average south Texan. He spends much of his time perfecting his flawless golf swing, but he’s also a big time hunter, avid stargazer, and long-range plinker.

Here’s Mr. Walker at North Springs Shooting Range and Recreation Area in Utah after connecting with a target from a distance of one mile away- Nice shooting Jimmy!

Just recently, however, Walker wrapped up a quick guys trip to a shooting range in Mason, Texas where he and his buddies got in some good old fashion long distance shooting.

The other thing we should probably mention about Jimmy Walker, is that he’s quite camera savvy, and regularly captures astonishing photos of other galaxies sitting far, far away from Earth:

Well this time, Walker turned his camera towards the targets down range, and filmed these awesome clips in super slow-mo where you can actually watch the bullet flying towards the target:

This was from 605 yards using a .338 Lapua:

@fullsend .338 Lapua 605yds 12-15mph 3’oclock wind.

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