Push to alert ICE when illegals fail firearm background checks rejected by Democrats.

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MORE BACKGROUND CHECKS! isnt that what the democrats and gun grabbers are always screaming? They want stricter gun laws. Stricter background checks and some firearms outright banned based on the fact that they look scary. I do want to get this out of the way we are not supporting their background check in anyway but how can they not see the hyprocrisy in this. They will legislate the responsible law abiding citizen into a corner but refuse to punish the criminals.

According to FoxNews Democrats this week approved legislation to require background checks for essentially all sales and transfers of firearms — but rejected GOP-led efforts to amend the legislation to alert law enforcement authorities when gun buyers, including illegal immigrants, fail those background checks.

The House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of the bill 23-15, in a strict party-line vote, sending it to the House floor. If approved by the full House, the bill would be the most significant gun-control legislation approved by either chamber of Congress in at least a decade — although it stands little chance of passage in the Senate, where Republicans command a slim majority.

Republicans in the House charged that H.R. 8, known as “The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,” should have included Florida Rep. Greg Steube’s proposed amendment to require that law enforcement be notified “when an individual attempting to purchase a firearm fails a federal background check.” (H.R. 8 was numbered in honor of former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in Arizona on Jan. 8, 2011 by a mentally ill gunman.)

“Clearly, the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee don’t care about preventing gun violence, they simply are playing politics with Americans’ Second Amendment rights,” Steube, a Republican, said after the vote. “The fact that Democrats do not want law enforcement notified if an individual attempting to purchase a firearm fails a background check is truly troubling.”

He continued: “In rejecting this amendment, the Democrats have shown their true colors. It is clear they are not interested in preventing gun violence or stopping the illegal purchase of firearms, but rather they are only interested in limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens to advance their own political agenda.”

Wednesday’s vote…

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If you dont want these unconstitutional laws to gain any traction be a responsible gun owner. Get your fucking ass out of the computer chair and go vote. Go write your representatives. Call them. Be active. Because we damn sure cant count on some gun rights group when the threat of a ban is around the corner. The other side is actively trying to take away your rights. They are rallying pushing bills and crying to your representatives. They arent pushing them to stop gun violence they are pushing them for their agenda. You need to be more active to ensure that these assholes arent afforded the opportunity to infringe on your rights as an american!

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