*UPDATE” Fans Call For The Return Of H&Ks Social Media Girl After Viral Post Disappears!

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Of course the post was in good fun and no offense was meant to current or active marines. They actually fired back and joined in the fun. But the post was nixed probably from the HKs higher ups and the posts from HK’s social media girl also seemed to cease prompting many HK’s followers, Marines, and gun enthusiast to take to HK’s facebook and Instagram pages demanding her safe return!

The M27 has various improvements, Most notably the piston operation, over the M-4 and M-16 rifles and it shares many common components. H&k won a contract to provide the United States Marine Corps with the M27 rifle in 2018. However, it was the comments section concerning the M27 shipment that has gone viral over social media garnering over 7 thousand comments and over 20 thousand reactions and shares. Quite honestly HK’s responses and user posts were worth the click through. The orginal post has been deleted from facebook but we knew something like this may have happened so that’s where the magic of screenshots come in.

If there is one thing that can be said about H&K its that their social media person is on point. This quick witted individual spares no one and pulls all the punches. A post concerning the shipment of brand new M27 rifles heading to the United States Marine Corps was no different. HK insisted that the Crayon eaters treat them nicely and insisted that the batch of rifles was indeed Marine proof.

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