Miller Lite Trashes Its Own Base in New Ad Campaign!

A Miller Lite commercial campaign from March has recently reappeared, sparking online debate. Many people, including beer consumers, have expressed their anger and annoyance over what they see to be the beer brand’s abandonment of its loyal customer base in favor of an apparent “woke” ideology.

The “Bad $#!T to Good $#!T” campaign has drawn criticism for its forced inclusion attempts despite claiming to rectify the beer industry’s historical “objectification” of women in advertising.

Critics have said that by stressing gender and pushing a “political correctness” agenda, the ad dilutes the essence of the brand.

Miller Lite’s apparent abandoning of its underlying beliefs in favor of virtue signaling may alienate traditional beer drinkers.


Coors will sarcastically turn outdated, “sexist” beer commercials into fertilizer (ancient sh*t) for hops that will only be used by female brewers, according to the campaign film. Many contend that this method favors quality over gender and that brewers should be chosen based on their qualifications and experience rather than their gender.

A press release outlining the same awakened agenda was also released along with the video. Additionally, it fosters the notion that women require special consideration and are unable to succeed on their own merits. But rather than being presented as helpless victims, women in the brewing business ought to be praised for their abilities and accomplishments.

The scandals involving Coors and Anheuser-Busch should serve as a lesson for businesses that want to advance political or social causes. The sudden drop in sales of Bud Light beer illustrates the possible financial effects of losing a sizable section of their customer base.

Like other industries, the beer sector should prioritize offering consumers high-quality goods rather than caving into pressures for coerced inclusion. Without being forced to follow the newest societal trends, businesses ought to be permitted to operate.

How customers will react is still unknown. Will Miller Lite’s devoted fans stick with the brand or will they look for alternatives that more closely match their principles?

Only time will tell if the brand’s forced woke-ness strategy will succeed or fail.">