Shockwave of Gun Seizures Coming to Illinois: House Bill 676

Today, the Illinois House passed House Bill 676, which now moves to the Senate. One of its rules requires that anyone who is the subject of a Red Flag or order of protection have their firearms seized by the police. This includes ex parte orders in which the respondent is not given any due process rights or notice of an upcoming hearing.

Its provisions do not include wording requiring the state to restore the guns it has confiscated if the order expires or if the ex-parte decree is judged to be invalid.

Deaths will occur after this bill is passed into law. Cops will perish. People who own guns will die.

Even while the majority of gun owners are exceedingly appreciative of law enforcement and the rule of law, if you go to a hundred gun owners at oh-dark-thirty and tell them you’re there to take their guns, I promise that some of them will respond, “From my cold dead hands.”

It won’t be long before police conclude that providing free dental care isn’t worth removing firearms.

There are many other blatantly unconstitutional provisions as well, such as the idea of requiring gun owners to have insurance.

This will be approved by the Senate and signed by the governor.

After that, gun confiscation raids will start to appear in your neighborhood. perhaps even your home.">