NM Tragedy: 2 Cops Shot, 3 Civilians Dead, Suspect Killed….

After a large-scale shootout in Farmington, New Mexico, at least one suspect is dead.

On the scene is the ATF.

Initial reports state that 3 civilians were killed and 2 officers were injured in the shooting.

Many casualties have been taken to a neighboring hospital in an ambulance.

It is unknown how they are doing.

A suspect has passed away.

“Apache and McKinley elementary schools, the Central Kitchen, and the CATE Center are in an emergency lockdown.” KOAT 7 reported.

KOAT 7 reported:

Farmington Police confirm 3 civilians are dead and 2 officers were injured in an active shooting incident.

Police say there are multiple civilian victims in the shooting.

Police confirm that one suspect was confronted by officers and has been killed.

The officers who were shot are being treated for their injuries at San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Police say Dustin Avenue from Ute Street to Apache street is closed as they investigate the incident.

The ATF is on the scene.