Man With Two Kids In Car Impersonates Cop And Shoots At Other Driver

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This is NOT how you handle road rage. The driver of this vehicle not only put his children in danger, But falsely Identified himself as a LEO, and quite honestly did alot of dumb shit.

According to the DailyMail  a man pretended to be a police officer, getting into chase with sirens on, before shooting at another driver.

James Hoefert had a number of pieces of law enforcement equipment in his vehicle when he decided to follow the other motorist, according to officials in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Shocking footage shows Hoefert also had two small children in his car at the time of the high speed chase and shoot out.

The two children can be heard crying as he screams expletives down the phone before the other driver rams his car and Hoefert opens fire.

In the bizarre video – recorded on Hoefert’s dash cam – what appears to be a radio system, similar to the one used by police, hangs from the roof of his car.

He also have flashing lights, a siren and gun in the vehicle.

For a second time the truck ahead stops and rams Hoefert’s car.

Hoefert adds: ‘He’s done it again.’ He then fires around ten shots at the truck after jumping out of his car and chasing him on foot.

Hoefert was charged with shooting from a car, child abuse and using unauthorized emergency equipment and will be sentenced later this week.

There is a warrant out for Jack’s arrest….

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Dont do this shit…


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