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Check out the live un-boxing here!

Spring is (Sort of) in the air and people keep asking for AR15 parts! Well, we are here to deliver the goods! Inside this months kit are some great new parts just in time for the outdoor range season! A couple of great pieces to add this month and so much more to come! Dig in and Enjoy!


APS AMBIDEXTROUS CHARGING HANDLE ($45.00)  Finally! An ambi charging handle in the TacPack! You guys have been asking for one of these for awhile now and the time has come! TacPack worked out an awesome deal with an american based company to develop these (and to add a little TacPack personal flavor to it with the logo) Ambidextrous and intuitive, this thing turned out really nice… we all immediately added it to our personal builds here at the shop!

ATWOOD TACTICAL CORD DISPENSER ($20.00) This cool little product was created by a US Special Ops paratrooper to have usable tangle free cord exactly when needed. In a true emergency or survival situation there isnt time to untangle cord. TRD delivers high strength cord when you need it most and its built in cutting blade eliminates the need for additional tools. Whether you need cord for camping, survival, work, around the house or on the farm, the TRD makes using cord fast and simple without the hassle of tangles. Simply pull out what you need, cut it and your done. the rest will be stored away until you need it again. If you run out, dont worry. Its Re-loadable.

GUNTEC EXTENDED BOLT CATCH RELEASE ($25.00)  An all new product from the fine folks at GUNTEC that we think is really special. Up your reload game with this quick bolt on design that fits over any 5.56 milspec bolt catch and is locked in place with 3 set screws. The quick and easy one hand acquisition allows for faster reloading. This is a sweet USA made product that is lightweight and features excellent ergos.


APRIL TACPACK HINTS: The April pack has something heavy duty coming from mechanix plus THREE AMERICAN MADE AR PIECES. This one is a real doozy!

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The march pack has something heavy duty coming from mechanix plus THREE AMERICAN MADE AR PIECES. This one is a real doozy!

Check out the live un-boxing here!

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