Breaking! Criminal Attempts Home Invasion of GREEN BERET/UFC Fighter.

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…Because you know the greatest idea in the world is to break into the home of a Green beret, sniper, ranger, UFC fighter. Well apparently this was the exact logic one intruder despite the background of his target. His Target, Tim Kennedy, just so happens to hold those titles and more.

Tim Kennedy produces a series of instructional DVDs and online courses that covers various scenarios from Active Shooters to Survival and Evasion. So if you find yourself in a natural disaster, an active shooter situation, or a robbery, you can better prepare yourself through education, practical application, and ongoing training. Learn the skills necessary to take blood out of the bad guys, keep blood in the good guys and still enjoy life.

The camera screenshots were posted to both SheepDog Responses Instagram and Tim Kennedy’s Facebook account


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A professional criminal attempted to break into our house this week. I was watching him on live video at 3:53 AM. Picture 1 is him trying a side door. Picture 2 is him trying a different door. Picture 3 is when he starts walking towards my kids window and… it is at this point I’m done waiting for police response. Play stupid games. Get stupid prizes. We cover home defense at Sheepdog Response. EVERYTHING I talk about came into play. My security system, security doors, entry resistant windows, exterior lighting, landscaping, and most of all training. No help is coming and no help came. We will talk about this in person at our courses but I’m not going to answer questions or go into details on here. #criminal #burglary #selfdefense NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Are you prepared to deal with this at 3am with your family asleep and no police assistance?

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We do not know the exact outcome of this incident but rest assured the criminal was stopped by a good guy with a gun. If you are interested in learning how to be prepared for any disaster or Active shooter event you can find more information on his Facebook or Instagram

We will keep you all updated if any more information becomes available on this story!

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